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Marseille Fig Problem

13 years ago

I planted a Marseille fig in a large pot about 4 years ago and have been growing in on my zone 6, south facing porch, bringing it into my unheated garage every winter. It's been growing great and producing fine, however, about 2 years ago I noticed some of the leaves yellowing and getting brown and crispy along the edge, then dropping. I did some research and decided it was lack of potassium, so I added some. The problem seemed to stop that year, but last year, the same thing happened again. I get anywhere from 30-50 figs on the tree which is plenty - more than I can eat as a matter of fact! But about half the leaves dropped off last year and I'm worried the problem will keep getting worse.

I only use fish/seaweed emulsion to fertilize other than the added potassium the past two years - off the top of my head I can't recall the name of the product I used. What does everyone here use to fertilize their trees with?

Anyway, I was going to unpot and root prune it this spring as I figured it was time - it hasn't been done since I initially potted it. I'm thinking of using Al's mix of pine bark fines, peat, and pearlite, etc., to fill in what I cut off the rootball. I initially planted it in bagged Miracle Grow potting soil and I think I might have added some compost or composted cow manure when I initially planted it, but I might be remembering wrong. I should have written it down. It seems to be a thick mass of roots now - I can't even poke my finger down in the soil it's so fibrous.

Any advice is appreciated! I love my little tree. It reminds me of my Italian grandparents who used to bury theirs every year! How I wish I paid attention to gardening when I was young and they were still around!!


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