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Some from Saturday

11 years ago

The daylilies are slowly ramping up here. Here are some shots from Saturday, June 2nd.

'One Fine Day' with Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral'

You won't see many clump shots from me (thanks to the deer), but this daylily is in my fenced, protected side yard.

'One Fine Day' trio of blooms closeup

This is a closeup of the trio of blooms in the first picture. On the largest bloom in the above image it looks as though one petal has been chomped, but that is due to the petal folding in on itself. I didn't notice it when I took the picture, then when I was editing the picture I asked myself how I managed to miss the chomping?! I had to go back outside and look closely at the bloom again.

'One Fine Day' polymerous bloom

For the poly lovers! This bloom was on the same clump as above, but the photo was taken in the evening. (The morning photo was out of focus.)

'Lavender Dew'

Another evening shot of 'Lavender Dew'. The blooms are rapidly winding down on this cultivar. This is maybe the best bloom I have seen on it this season.

'Sir Clyde'

An evening shot of Sir Clyde, looking (somehow) windswept and a little the worse for wear.

'Newberry White Dove'

This is an older diploid which I have out it my Moon Garden. I like it because it has large diamond dusted flowers which open reliably. I sometimes also have rebloom in the fall, but keeping the deer off of it long enough to actually see the rebloom is a challenge. (The white flowers at the top of the picture are fading blooms on Salvia greggii 'Navajo White'.)

'Spacecoast Cream Supreme'

This clump (also in the Moon Garden) got pretty well chomped before today, so it is currently covered with plastic mesh (removed long enough to take this picture) to protect the last two scapes.

Thanks for looking.

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