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FFO's and some others... (pics-lots)

14 years ago

Well, my hands are so cramped from gardening I can barely type... but that new bed is ***allllmost*** done - just the stone edgers to go.

So, without further ado:

Honky Tonk Blues FFO:

Todays Blooms

Ava Gardner FFO - just planted, but put up a scape on every fan (4), now that is hardy. Not the best bloom, lots of rain the night before.

Yankee Doodle Blues FFO - this one has never doubled for me and this will be its thrid year in the garden... watching closely.

Pixie Plaything

Little Blue Bell clumping up!!

Blue Elf FFO

Out of the Blue - check out how the color changes after some heat... wierd.

Half Moon Key FFO - this is EARLY in the morning, while it was drizzly and cool. It did open all the way, I just didn't have a moment to capture it. Dang.

Iddy Biddy Gal

Nano Probe FFO

Spacecoast Surprise Purple - putting on a real show the last few days. I love the substance of the flowers, but water seems to affect the colors. :o(

Inner Vision

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