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Some more pics...lots of pics.

14 years ago

Some posies from the last few days...

FFO on Wineberry Candy

FFO on Wine Delight

Transylvanian Cocktail, not a FFO but the flowers, like last year, don't want to open all the way.

FFO on String Theory

FFO on Royal Scandal, it's in a bad spot and had a hard time photographing it.

FFO on Pocket Dragon, a cute mini.

A group shot of Ornamental Focus. Color is a bit washed out, camera's fault.

FFO on Mal.

Another shot of Just A Tease.

FFO on Dark Castle.

Another shot of Carpathian Magic.

FFO on Breed Apart.

FFO on Bloodfire.

FFO on Alpine Mist.

Second flower on Keltic Blush.

FFO on Jordan Verhaert.

FFO on Cherry Valentine

FFO on Killer.

And last but not least, a pretty duo of Celtic Princesses, with Dianthus Velvet 'N Lace.

Happy 4th of July! (Yesterday was my birthday :)


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