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Friday Frolics All New new FFOs

28 days ago

I am a bit disgusted; Not by the lilies, of course, but we did not get the rain that was forecast. I suppose I will be watering a lot since we are predicted to be rain free next week. Kate. Send me that rain you got.

Some pretty today as usual; FFO: Pink Aloha

The oh so bright and gorgeous (if you like bright colors like do) FFO: Mardi Gras Indian

Rosemarie Louise started out with a bang FFO:

And While we're on Purple, FFO Purple Tarantula. Normal height with lots of blooms.

And another tarantula ,FFO: Laurelwoods Spotted tarantula:

FFO: Walter Kennedy

FFO; a splotchy I Lava You

FFO Velvet Plum

FFO Choral Fantasy

FFE: All American Chief:

Very pretty always, FFO: Sabine Bauer

Similar colors FFO: Gillian

FFO: Windyhills Red

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