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am I a cheater? so far it feels so good!

16 years ago

hey all

So with having the baby now and having neglected my gardens so bad last year- i had a lot to do this year and not much time to do it!!

I have areas that are soo weedy and need to be completely weeded, remulched and weed fabric put down. etc..

It woudl take me days and days of non stop work. SOOO- I got a landscaping company to come and see it and they will call me tomorrow with pricing..

so is that cheating? haha. i am sooo excited about it looking good again though..

I am praying to god that it won't be too much money.. becasue I really want it done! I'm hoping for like less than a grand..I hope it's realistic.

and I told hubby that next year it might make sense to jsut have them do spring clean up for us. and they'd put a non-emergent thing down.. to stop the weeds from sprouting..

i figure its chepaer to have them come eahc yea rand do a bit then have it neglected for 4 years and then have them do so much to fix it.?

Oh I hope i can afford it!! do any of you do this type of thing?

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