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Ordering seeds from the U.S./Heat mats worth it?

15 years ago

Ah, January in Western Canada...minus 20, dark and miserable--what better time to look ahead to the new gardening season! I have two separate questions.

One, does anyone have experience ordering from the United States, specifically Thompson and Morgan? They refer to Canadian customers in their catalogue. What is your experience with them? (I'm also planning orders to William Dam, Veseys and T & T -- but Thompson and Morgan seems to have many varieties the others don't carry.)

Two, what do you think of heat mats for germination? I've always thought they were too small to be practical, and that $30 and up was an outrageous price. However, I'm now seeing these for sale all over, and am beginning to think that if they help with germination, maybe they're not a bad idea after all.

Look forward to hearing from everyone.

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