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HAVE: Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato for other tomatoes

16 years ago

Hi there, :)

I have freshly harvested organically grown Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato seeds (3 trades available of about 25 seeds each). Below this message is a link to a photo of this cute tomato which is delish in salads or toasted on bread.

I would like to trade for any of these varities:

Tomato - Brandywine

Tomato - Black from Tula

Tomato - San Marzano

Tomato - Banana Legs

Tomato - Bull's Heart

Tomato - Pineapple

Tomato - Any other good paste variety

Organically grown seed only please with no pesticides or artificial fertilizer (they are to be planted in an organic community garden). Thanks very much. :)

Please email me at:

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Yellow Pear Tomato

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