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Sudden wilting in cherry tomato and other tomato plant?

8 years ago

So I'm new to this, I wanted to try growing some tomatoes, and about 3 and a half weeks ago I bought three tomato plants. One was cherry, one was a Bonnie original, and I'm not sure what the third one is, but it looks like the cherry tomato plant. I got them with a friends dad, who loves gardening, and he helped me transplant them into a pot with a manure/humus mix and potting soil mixed together. I water them everyday and they've been growing, they've gotten up to twice their size, but my Bonnie tomato started drooping a bit like a day or two ago and looked like it needed more room to grow (which it probably did since the pots we put them were like 8 inch ones).

Anyways I got new pots for them yesterday, 14 inch ones, and replanted them all to the three new pots with the same potting soil and manure/humus mix. Today I woke up and my cherry tomato plant was suddenly all droopy, the other two look the same as they did before.

I don't know if it's because of replanting or something else, but is there a reason it's suddenly all droopy? And how can I fix that?

This is the cherry tomato plant

This is the healthy one (does anyone know what type of tomato this one is?)

And this is my third plant that became a little droopy as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

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