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Your Favorite Cherry Tomato: Cherry Tomato Maze

11 years ago

Last year I found a farm that had a cherry tomato maze. The little people LOVED it. The farm provided little plastic baskets that you filled with cherry tomatoes - they said 'don't come back til the basket and your belly is full'.

I'd like to do it at home next year. I'm not a real fan of cherry tomatoes (I mean I grow the staples but I'm not a huge fan). Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I thought I'd grow a variety of colors, tastes, shapes...

I thought:

1. Sungold - know and love

2. Suncherry - haven't tried (tasted, not grown)

3. Zebra Cherry - haven't tried (tasted, not grown)

4. Yellow and or Red Pear - not crazy about, but variety re shape

5. Ceylon or Red Star - not tried variety for shape

6. Riesentraube - tried, seedy but thought nice variety for maze - for interest and taste

7. Sweet Baby Girl - not tried

8. Isis Candy - tried, not crazy about (not real bi color in my garden)

9. Black Cherry/Chocolate Cherry/Brown Berry - tried black cherry, not crazy about. what's others experience with Chocolate Cherry and or Brown Berry??

  1. Green Grape - really like, BUT haven't been successful with in recent years.
  2. Dr. Carolyn - grown and like.

Suggestions? Comments?

Anyone with Ildi experience?? Any comments and or suggestions are appreciated.


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