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Cherry Tomato taking over other tomato plants

11 years ago

I planted 4 tomato plants in my raised garden bed, and being a total newbie, I probably planted them too close. The varieties I planted are sungold cherry tomato, isis candy, beefsteak, and Jaune flamme. All 4 plants are producing wonderfully, but the sungold has taken over all the others. They are caged in square wooden trellis cages but the sungold has gone over the tops of all the other three plants. I feel it has stunted the beefsteak as there are no new flowers on that particular plant yet still lots of green fruit.

I have already tied it up a couple times and frankly I don't know how to tie it up anymore.. it is just vining out all over the place and all the vines have clusters and tons of flowers so I can't bear to just cut it down.

I guess my question is this. Is there a way to tame this monster of a plant? If I cut them off will it stop producing new ones? And is it possible that it is preventing the other plants from producing as well as they could? The isis has fruit but a tiny fraction of what the sungold has and the Jaune flamme is producing heavily as well. Thanks so much in advance from a real noob.

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