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Heat & Wind: Will these bald cypresses survive?

16 years ago

In April and May, I planted dozens of trees, including 4 bald cypresses between 5.5 and 9 feet tall, and 2 dawn redwoods that are similar in size. We had no rain for weeks and hot drying winds out of the south. I watered frequently and heavily.

About 10 days ago, the needles on one bald cypress turned orange over night. Here are two photos of tree #1 (first victim):


The needles on the other cypresses had a slight orange cast, but were mainly green. Between Friday night and Saturday night, we had 6.5-7 inches of rain. When I checked the bald cypresses today, the needles on all trees are orange although not as dark as tree #1. Photo of largest tree:


What are the chances that these trees will survive?

Is this a survival mechanism that is similar to when tulip trees and oaks drop their leaves when stressed? If this is a survival mechanism, will the tree put out green needles or will the trees remain bare until next year?

When will I know that it's time to start over again?


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