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Sudden Globe blue spruce death?

last month

this globe blue spruce has been in my yard since before i bought the house 15 years ago. it has been trouble free, never so much as a brown needle. i dont baby it in any way. it is on the drip system but thats it other than an occasional water during really dry non irrigation months. this spring it has suddenly lost needles on large areas, and I dare say if i shake it most would fall off. they arent brown, they feel dry but this tree should not need any supplemental water in denver once established. some area the needles dont feel as dry as retain but can still fall off pretty easy. i cant see obviously signs of anything. i just happened to notice blue needles around and realize if i touch it drops needles

im at a loss, did it just suddenly die? what could do this? i have others that are just fine. only thing i could say is i wondered if it just fgot water logged as there is a downspout that epmties near it. we had a wet late winter but nothing crazy.

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