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Tulips blooming in the front yard daylily garden (pics)

12 years ago

I have been waiting for the early tulips in the front yard that are planted in front of the daffodil display to get into gear blooming. Finially got some good pictures. The daffs have put out the spring show and now with the tulips, it just has so much color.


The left side of my front yard.


Front view. Notice the shrubs at the top are now leafed out, not like the earlier spring pictures.


Here you can see the daylilies planted in front.


Another view.


And my favorite view of the tulip section.


I didn't like this picture too much but decided to add it as it does show a good view of what is going on in this entire bed and how it all comes together. Especially you can get a good look at the daylilies at the end of the belgium block mini terraces before the daffodil section. There are a similar grouping of daylilies at the other end to mirror this end.

Then there are Tall Bearded Iris directly below the daylilies at this end and I just planted Oriental lilies in the mirror spot at the other end. If you keep going it all ends with the roses at the far end planted in a series of half round terraced planters.

The two rows of daylilies along the front stacked stone wall are the bones of this garden as far as the plants go. Then the double row of early tulips went directly in back of them. Also some of the same early tulips in between the two rows.

And lastly an empty spot going along at the middle directly below the second belgium block mini terrace. I want to add some bulbs there this fall that bloom later than the current display. I need to wait and see the bloom secquence of everything I have now in order to be able to decide what it will be.

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