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Raising soil level

16 years ago

Hi all,

I am putting in raised rock beds where plantings have previously been at ground level. In some cases I want to leave established plants (5-10 years old) right where they are, but would prefer not to uproot them, and so wonder if I can just ... um, bury their trunks a couple of inches.

I understand that trees don't like their trunks buried, but in some cases the logic for this escapes me. For example, both Taxus and Chamaecyparis grow from cuttings, and so I wonder if their trunks are really that much different from the part of the trunk that is underground. (Same for hydrangea, but not necessarily germane to this forum).

And if they are different, or become different at some point in growth as a root flare forms, what is the rationale/process?

Hope someone can shed some light here...for my poor suffering plants, or for me!


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