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How much should I fertilize my Kumquat over winter

I have a potted Nagami kumquat in the 1:1:1 gritty mix that was suffering from mineral deficiencies last year do to the bad fertilizer I was using at the time. This spring I ordered Dyna Gro's Foliage Pro online and used the "To correct mineral deficiencies" instructions and it worked wonders, causing a flush of healthy looking new growth and even turned most of the yellowish old leaves a healthy green. I then fertilized the rest of the summer following the "Maintenance" instructions (a bit stronger actually) and it looks great.

Now that the cold Canadian winter is on its way I have transitioned the tree into its indoor winter spot next to a east facing window and under a grow light. Unfortunately not in time to miss a nasty hail storm.

Shortly after bringing the tree inside where its warm the tree has exploded with flower buds:

My question is should I keep fertilizing at the same rate as during the summer since its going to bloom? or should I actually increase the amount of fertilizer to the "Production" option?

I don't want it to suffer from mineral deficiencies again but isn't it true that the tree needs a break during the winter?



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