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Feel me? Do I feel hot to you? :)

18 years ago

No, not pervert-type 'feel me'--- but the feel my forehead, take my temperature type 'feel me' :)

I think I've been having 'hot flashes' but I don't know if they're really hot flashes unless I measure them by someone elses temperature (I don't ask this of strangers), but even friends give me weird looks when I ask.

My Mom and most of her generation have been on 'HRT' (horemone replacement therapy) for years, but I'd prefer not to got that route.

My doctor is likely to prescribe the same synthetic hormone replacements and I'd rather find a way around them.

Last check-up, health was great --- no issues there.

I started taking Estroven last week, but I wonder if some of the individual ingredients would be better.

Any advice?


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