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Anyone willing to help me 'brainstorm' a simple plan?

18 years ago

I was wondering if anyone here had the time to help me brainstorm a bit. I have, with everyones' help here, begun a bouquet business, selling small mixed bouquets in colored plastic cups with holes cut into the lids. I call them Portable Petals. I have done about 50-60 PP bouquets so far, for teacher gifts, graduation party tables, a retirement party, you name it, coworkers at my school were ordering them for the month before school was out. They are inexpensive (I set the price at just $5 to begin with, so I could get some initial business). I plan to raise the prices some next year if I keep getting customers. I also have had some sold at my hairdresser's place of business. I put out a small sign and my business card and have a sticker on each cup with simple info (PP, my name & phone #).

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I could do a ONE DAY ONLY kind of introductory sale in my driveway some Saturday in a week or two (if it stops raining, that is!) I live in a middle class subdivision that seems to have its share of garage sales etc. I am just wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to advertise it or set it up to make it visible/professional and successful? I am not in a position to sell at a Farmer's Market or to a store or anything....I work fulltime and do this on the side.

BTW, the flowers include lots of kinds of roses, lilies, daisies, perennials and annuals that are blooming.

Thanks everyone for any help you might give me! :0) Phyl

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