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OT: POTD : I actually cut back the some inground brugs

14 years ago

Good morning my friends

It was really not hard to cut them down. Knowing that either I do it...or the freeze warning they announced we could have and ended up having, would do it.

The previous night with higher temps and strong winds...had damaged some tips on some brugs real bad. So...since I could not find any cheap big pots...Kylie that will not happen next year lol. Thanks for the link.

Anyways...Yesterday I did get to see the brugs at Kristy's house. The ones that are in the ground...Then I KNEW I did the right thing.

Next year I hope I find permanent homes for most brugs to put a whole lot more in the ground.


Not like this Beauty:

{{gwi:576646}}From POTD for November 09

I found him one day just sitting there on a fig leaf. After I saw that he was dead...I did what I have never done before. But he was just to perfect. To Beautiful.

Still have him. He will remind me of a super Butterfly summer.

Have a super day



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