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Wanted: Have: NC/SC Plant Seed Swap in Clover, SC

10 years ago

Clover, SC Spring Plant/Seed Exchange
Join us for our first Spring Plant Lovers Exchange

Sunday May 19, 2013
at 256 Community Park Drive Clover, S.C. 29710
From 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Bring 'healthy' (no bugs allowed), indoor or outdoor plants to trade but not limited to just plants, i.e., pots, stepping stones, garden magazines & books, seeds, bulbs - - bring what you don't want to trade for something you do want.

Please label your plants with simple but as much information as you have for their new owners, i.e., plant name, growing requirements (shade/sun), perennial , annual, herb, houseplant; any info you feel would be pertinent to your plant. This will make it easier for the new plant owner to know where to plant.

Try to establish your plants in pots at least a week before the plant swap, keep watered and keep in the shade. Please make sure there is ample root system - don't cut off the stem and leave the root in the ground. (We would all like to take home growing plants).

For seed packets: on the envelope or container clearly print the name of the plant, color of the flowers (if any) and the approximate date gathered.

If you don't have plant pots, some suggestions would be cans, cottage cheese, yogurt containers, plastic water jugs, etc... Be sure to put a hole in the bottom of the container for drainage. If you have an abundance of plant containers you no longer want, please bring them to the swap! Some one very well may need them for the next swap.

Do not remove any plants from the table that do not belong to you.

Remember, this is a "free" plant exchange -- items for sale are not permitted.

Please do not leave children unattended during the meet - supervision is a must.

There will be a jar at the swap if anyone would like to donate change to help pay for the shelter. Please help us clean up after the shelter rental. Park rules: Trash goes in dumpsters, not roll-out can. No alcohol.

Clover Community Park
Bethel Street/SC-55 to Quinn Road [Circle K on corner directly across from the Clover Post Office], turn right onto Community Park Drive. The Plant Swap will be in the small shelter.

Let us know you are coming by posting and sharing the items you are bringing.
Looking forward to meeting fellow plant lovers!

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