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container combo (CA natives)

16 years ago

I live in California and I want to grow both shooting stars and Calochortus in containers. I have seen moles/voles/varmits and had trouble in my raised beds before.

Neither wants summer water, so that made me thing they would pair together well. What could I add that could survive the summer without water -- in a pot -- and look nice the rest of the year? I was thinking a native grass would make sense like CA fescue but if anyone has ideas of perennials that would great.

I'm also growing owl's clover from seed and I think it would make a nice splash of color in the middle of the bloom times of the two bulbs.

I thought a square planter (definitely NOT self-watering!) with 3 each shooting star and calochortus and then with a bunch of the wildflowers on top. I'm just at a loss for the perennial to keep interest in late summer/fall.


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