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House Plant Expert vs. New House Plant Expert

18 years ago

I've been looking for a comprehensive book on house plants that I used to have access to (belonged to a friend in a state where I no longer live.) After several internet searches, I'm pretty sure it was either The House Plant Expert or The New House Plant Expert. Funny thing is, it appears that the most recent publication date for both is 1992, and that that is the only publication date for The New House Plant Expert, but The House Plant Expert has several others. I've also noticed that The New House Plant Expert is available mostly in the UK. A few small US sellers have it (,) but none of the big ones (Amazon, B&N, etc.) Every US bookseller carries The House Plant Expert though. I'm wodering if they are really one in the same? Did they change the name in the UK when they updated, and leave the name the same in the US? Or do they not offer an updated version in the US? Anybody know?

Also, I see that The House Plant Expert has at least three different jacket designs, and I'm not conviced that they correspond to different publication dates, although it's possible that some internet booksellers have not updated their images, I suppose.

Here is a link that might be useful: google image search of jacket design