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Landscapers planted tree ...I'm not an expert but seems to high

10 years ago

Hi! I'm hoping you all can help me. My name tells you I'm no expert with inside or outside plants/trees. We always hire an expert. When we lost our Ash tree to the dreaded Ash B, we wanted to get a replacement. The largest we would could find ( and afford) was a 4" calibar October Glory Red Maple. We marked the location of the planting. We came home to this. We were told ( after calling and asking) that they hit really hard clay/rock or something and could not make the hole any bigger. I think it looks awkward this high out of the ground. Will it hurt the growth of the tree?? Should we have them replant? Any advice would be appriciated. Also, the rope was left on the base of the truck. ( you can't see that ...covered with mulch). Should we remove it?

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