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The pink, red, and purple-ish bushes/trees near Phoenix?

17 years ago

I'm hoping someone here can help me. Last month on a visit to Arizona, I noticed the prettiest big bushes or short trees during my shuttle ride back to the Sky Harbor airport. There were pink ones, red ones, and purple ones--maybe white, but I don't think so--, about the size of big Lilac bushes, maybe a bit bigger. I noticed they were planted a lot around parking lots and hotels and businesses. One hotel about a mile or two from the airport had a number of them in their parking lot; They were so striking. Does anyone here have pictures or any idea of what they might be? I thought Azaleas maybe, but I've never seen red or purple-toned Azaleas.

Thank you for any help. Whatever they are, it would be great if they grow here in the Northeast too. :)

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