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Need help choosing clumping bamboo for hedge.

15 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I am planning on creating a privacy screen along an approx. 70 foot long section of fence. I already have quite a few species of running bamboo's on my property that I have to keep after, and I don't want to take any chances in this area, so I decided that a row of clumping bamboos would be in my best interest. I am located in Zone 7b, and the fence line in question gets more sun than shade. I would say that in the summer months, it gets some shade in the early morning hours and late afternoons, with full/filtered sun from a couple of trees during the middle of the day. Anyway, I was leaning towards Fargesia Robusta, as I have read that it may be sun tolerant, and it has a vigorous growth habit. Is this a good choice? If not, what do you recommend? Also, how many feet should I plant these from the fence, and how far should I plant the Boo's from each other?


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