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Zone 7(b) Clumping Bamboo Suggestion For Road Screen Needed

5 years ago

I live in Zone 7(b), just south and west of Atlanta. But, not South Georgia. We have purchased a home on four acres. The road frontage is split in half by the driveway. The road noise is very loud. One side of the property has mature oak trees and I would call shade/partial shade. The other side is full sun.

Unfortunately for us the topography from the road has a bit of a dip before rising again where the house is located about 200 yards back. This means makes blocking road noise difficult. It is questionable whether a solid masonry fence would work given the topography.

I have had a landscaping plan drawn up by a landscape designer that has various bushes and trees to create a buffer between the road and the house on both sides of the driveway. It will be about 30 feet deep.

I have come across clumping bamboo as a possible option to block the road frontage, give us privacy and potentially a reduction in the road noise.

My first question is how deep would we need to design this hedge in order to create an effective noise reduction barrier? My second question is what type of clumping bamboo would grow in my area that is suitable for a tall, thick hedge to create a hedge sound barrier? My third question is are there any varieties of clumping bamboo that could grow in both full sun and shade/partial shade? Otherwise, I would need two different varieties.

Now before someone starts in with the bamboo is invasive advice, I am only asking about clumping, non-invasive varieties of bamboo. Thanks if you have any knowledge or pictures of successful hedges.

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