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May 2013 what looks good, bad, or awful in your garden?

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

I hope you're enjoying this weather--I sure am. May is such a great time to garden here: warm afternoons and still-pleasant evenings. I love it!

I don't normally *pounce* on the first day of the month to do our fun round-robin garden updates, but I have this big ol' Hoodia gordonii blooming this morning I thought I'd get the ball rolling. These are fun, easy plants here for full, hot sun, or maybe with some afternoon shade. The key for me to keep them happy (I failed several times before keeping these alive for several years now) is to NOT WATER them in winter. I really don't water them at all from early November until mid-April. The blooms are really interesting and they STINK! I added Wilson the tennis ball to show relative size.



Most of our regular members know I love and grow a lot of stapeliads, and I do enjoy the stinky ones, but even for me, this one smells just EVIL, hah! I love it. In any case, I hope you'll take a look and enjoy, and that you'll share what looks good, mediocre, or awful in your garden. Happy gardening!

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