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2013 rose season/2014 rose season

8 years ago

The 2014 season isn't quite over yet and I will have a few more roses that will be blooming. I've been thinking a lot about the differences between 2013 and 2014.

As I've stated before 2013 was pretty much a starting over year, with the exception of a few established roses I already had. In 2013 I planted a lot of roses. We had been in a drought here and I wasn't at all sure it was even a smart thing for me to try. In fact I had made sure I would be able to cancel an order just in case those conditions didn't improve, they did, so I didn't cancel. I planted the majority of my roses in two beds, with several in containers and a few others in various other places. My roses got a very good start in 2013 and bloomed remarkably well for the most part, and several of them grew a lot. Even though we are still in a drought, with conditions improving somewhat, last summer was a good summer here, so in that regard I was very fortunate. Seems like I had roses blooming all season, on any given day I could cut a bouquet and I took gobs of pictures. They bloomed good all season until frost.

2014 has been a mixed bag. My first two flushes were great, some of the roses from my first flush were the prettiest I've ever had. My second flush had some beauties too. My third and fourth flushes both have taken their time. Quite a few of my roses have shut down, I would say maybe about half of them have buds. Some of the healthiest looking bushes are the ones that aren't doing anything.

Overall I'm okay with 2014. I got to experience old garden roses actually being in full bloom for the first time and I loved that and look forward to more blooms in the future. I know we've had enough rain these past few months that most of my roses are doing okay, but would have done so much better if we had had substantially more rainfall. We've had water restrictions since early summer, so I haven't done much watering this year. I don't like to complain, because there are others who have had it much worse. I look forward to what I hope will be a great 2015 rose season and I hope I've learned something from my mistakes.

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