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Caring for a 'Rescued' Rose from Lowe's Clearance Rack

14 years ago

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and to roses so bear with me :-)

My experience with roses so far only extends to Knockouts which I know most rose purists don't really consider "real" roses since they aren't fussy but I enjoy them (they have also been 50% off at my local Lowe's recently so they've been hard to resist) and they have led me to trying my hand with the "real roses" which I confidently feel will become my gardening passion.

Anyhow, my first true rose purchase was from the Lowe's clearance rack this afternoon, a rather pitiful looking 3 gallon Lavender Angel Face (Floribunda), which is basically a stump with some new growth (probably about 8-10" high) and a fried purple bloom as evidence it was still alive and kicking, since it was only $3 and looked pretty on the tag I figured I would give it a whirl. The tag from the nursery (Dewar) said to spray it every two weeks, not sure if some feel that is a necessary step or not.

My intentions are to put it in a large pot for now, I have looked online and some feel it is a good rose for beginners and some feel it can be somewhat difficult so I'll just have to see.

My question is, what sort of special steps should I take to get it back into a healthy living condition? I watered it thoroughly when I got home and cut off some very dead canes but that's the extent of it. I would really like it to thrive as I saw some beautiful pictures of healthy ones online and would love to have that in the future.


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