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Hybrid Tea recommendations for east coast zone 5b

15 years ago

I'm getting a shed in Sept. and thinking of planting a few hybrid teas in a sheltered south facing area below it next spring. My main goal is a cutting garden. I have plenty of Austins at this point but no HTs. I am in east coast zone 5b PEI. I am prepared to plant bud unions 4 inches below the ground and shovel on a layer of mulch for winter protection. Blackspot can be a problem here due to the rain and humidity. Can you suggest some HTs with good form and reasonable winter hardiness (for HTs with protection) and blackspot resistance (I'll spray as needed). Fragrance would be desirable but I will forego that if I have to. Some I'm thinking about are Folklore, Ingrid Bergman, Elina, New Zealand, and Sunset Celebration but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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