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Looking for a great yellow Tea Rose - Need Suggestions Please

I am a new convert to the OGR's and I must admit it has been a fun learning experience and a change in thought in regards to a couple of areas.

I am in need of a great yellow Tea rose to replace a yellow bells in my backyard. I've had it with that plant. The one on the east side of the yard fried and died. I planted 3 on the west side of the yard ; 2 died during the past winter, the one that survived hasn't flowered all year, and is putting out odd but healthy looking growth. Poor plant .... maybe it can be re-homed outside of my yard, but I no longer have patience for it, and would like to place a Tea rose there. I have read that Teas can be very fragrant, and I love that "nod". It would be supported by a tall block wall or whatever else I would need to place there.

I live in a hot climate where it will be sheltered from the strong afternoon heat. It will off set almost symmetrically, the Golden Celebration on the other side of the yard, and Gertrude Jekyll will be this teas neighbor. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance,


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