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Roses are easier than anything else so far... go figure

13 years ago

So... I started my yard this past December with a pile of clay dirt. No plants. Now it's filled with plants and I've tried a bunch of stuff (not as much as you guys have, of course... I haven't had that much time)...

but of all the plants growing in my yard, the roses are about the easiest.

I've always heard roses were a lot of work. Maybe I'll feel that way later when I've had them for more years... but right now I feel like they are little darlings that love me and don't give me any grief!

I've been having repeated problems with lots of other plants that are supposedly pretty easy to grow. I feel like crying about them or lighting them on fire, I've tried so hard to get them not to die.

Some drought-tolerant daisies I got just immediately died right after I planted them. I know lavender is a bit hard to grow, but I followed the directions perfectly and most of them died.

My big camellia just keeps declining despite me repeatedly taking branches into the nursery and asking lots of questions. (I'm about ready to give up on it. This is just stupid. I shouldn't have to work THIS hard just to keep something from dying!) ;.....(

but the rose don't give me any problems at all. They just keep growing and most of them blooming even though they are babies. The only thing doing as easily are the Lily of the Nile, Morea and Alyssum. ;) and those are pretty darn hard to kill.

I should just replace EVERYTHING with roses. >:D

I also thought it was kind of funny that EVERYONE told me not to plant a sakura (ornamental japanese cherry tree) that it would crisp in the summer and be unhappy, etc... but I loved them too much and bought two. And even though we've had 108 degree F temps this summer a few times... the two little trees don't seem to be phased at all. I'll keep my fingers crossed for them and hope that they keep being happy.

(I'm tempted to dig up the camellia and plant another cherry tree. >:( )

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