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Idea's for a street tree

13 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a good street tree. Here is a brief description of the location:

-It would go in a 2' wide tree lawn (curb to sidewalk). There are a couple of very large maples and a white oak doing well down the street in this space.

-I want the tree to go up before branching out. I have a 5' tall stone wall that runs along the house side of the sidewalk and then the entrance to my house sits 6' above the top of the stone wall. The house sits about 12' above street level and is roughly a 25' setback from the street. If the tree branches out too low all I will ever see is the side and top of it.

-There is a telephone wire running about 25' up along the street, but the tree's appear to have never been trimmed around it (fortunately). There is a back alley which electric and cable have been moved to so it is hopefull that eventually this wire will be moved back there too.

-Not overly prone to dropping branches. We get decent ice buildup once a year and it is an older area with most parking being on the street. I don't want the tree continually dropping limbs onto cars.

-It will get about 75% sun, up to about 90% once it gets up above the level of the house. It is on the east side.

-Decently fast growing. I plan on putting in a 3-4" diameter tree minimum and would prefer to have a decent sized tree in the 5-10 year timeframe. Due to the street planting its lifespan will likely be shortened anyway, I would prefer to get a large tree earlier then to have a slow growing tree die before it hits maturity.

I am looking at the Green Vase Zelkova as it would have about the right height and spread. It also has a vase shape which I like and is supposidly fast growing.

Is this a bad choice? Are there better ones?

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