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New crape myrtle cuttings, to bag or not to bag in zone 8-Atl. GA

13 years ago

Never have had success with cuttings so trying to learn as I go.

I did my research and searches and discovered how to take cuttings from a crape myrtle and root them. So I found my donor crape... nice pretty deep red that was not available at any nurserys when we got our 2 white ones.

I got a ton of semi-hard wood cuttings. Followed the directions from an article I found here:

Cuttings: 4-8 inch range,

striped all but a few leaves at the top,

dipped cut tip in rotting hormone,

used a 50/50 sand/peat mixture in pots,

poked a hole with a dibber,

put my cuttings in,

moistened soil (not too wet) damp,

covered in plastic bag,

kept in location that sees light, but not direct sunlight.

Noticed the soil is staying nice and damp.

2 of the 3 containers seem to have cuttings that are browning and getting white on them (mold or mildew)?

I made sure the bags were not airtight around the base as I know the plant needs to breathe. Hoped that would keep the humidity level about right.

What is happening? Are my cuttings failing? Did they need more or less air getting thru the bags? Do they need more light perhaps? Do I need holes in the bags, or is the humidity too high and I'm rotting them?

HELP! I don't want to loose them!

Thank you!

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