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It finally Grew Up.. And other pics..

17 years ago

I posted a bit ago about my A. Kerrii leaping for the sky- It looks like it's finished the vertical charge now.

I had to stabalize the leaf- I'm afraid the wind might knock it over- Wouldn't that suck? (the green thing isn't the stabilizer- it's a tendril from a passion vine I didn't see sneaking into the picture & the kink is just that- a kink.)


If you look behind it you can see my biggest A. konjac doing the high-jump.. I wasn't sure if it was going to do anything this year as everyone else put up a leaf a couple months ago.

Here's it's flower (and myself) last winter:


And here they are peekin' over the fence- (upper left corner of the pic)

That fence is about 6' tall..

And this is everyone.. At least everyone I have in that zone:


One of the little kerrii is finally doing something:

But the big one in that pot still hasn't moved. I have heard sometimes they "rest" for a bit after blooming.. Guess that's true. Makes me nervous about the thing rotting in there tho so I dig it up about once a week to check..

I even have a brown stemmed konjac:


Everything seems to be doing fairly well for the care I give them- Which is nothing. I have them all on a drip system with a "fertilizer siphon mixer" I picked up on ebay so they all get some miracle grow every time. Other than that I leave them alone.

Last year I put some of them in the full sun figuring more light = more growth.. Mistake. It nuked the leaves of most of them & the bulbs hardly grew at all. Of the ones I had in the shade most doubled in size, so that's where they all are this year.

Looks like things are going well & I'm excited about digging up some boulders this coming fall.

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