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Bark of tree peeling off

16 years ago

I just moved to a 5ac wooded lot and a few of my trees are loosing bark. Most of the trees in my area are tall pines with hardwoods mixed below in a lower canapy. I notice during a walk today that 2 trees (1 pine and 1 hardwood) have large amounts of bark literally peeling off in strip 2-4 feet long almost all the way up the tree. The strip are laying on the ground and appear to have no damage and the only "bugs" I see are small burrowing beetles at the base of the tree (ant size and shape but 2 segments- maybe 10 in all. I see a saw dust like product at the base below the beetles. They basically look like little black worms sticking out of the barkless area but I cant see them anywhere higher than the base of the tree.

Does anyone know what is going on and if there is a way to prevent it from destroying my other trees?

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