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The final winter tally

seil zone 6b MI
9 years ago

I think about everything that's going to die has done so now. I thought I'd post some lists of what did and didn't survive. The "g" stands for in the ground and the "p" means potted.


Angel Face, g
Appleblossom FC. g
Aunt Gloria, p, found
Baby Blanket, p
Blanche Neige, g
Blaze, g
Brilliant Pink Iceberg, g
Bull's Eye, p
Camelot NOT, g
Country Music, g
Dainty Bess, d
Dick Clark, p
Double Delight, p
Dr Huey, g
Dream Come True, g
Electron, g
Elle, p
English Sonnet, g
Eyeconic Pink Lemonade, p
Falling in Love, p
Fragrant Cloud, g
Golden Celebration, g
Golden Wings, g
Graham Thomas, g
Granada, g
Home Run, g
Honorine de Brabant, g
Hot Cocoa, g
Hot Romance, g
Iced Raspberry, g
Isolde Hit, g
Ivory Tower, p
Julia Child, g
Koko Loco, p
Love, g
Mardi Gras, g
Marge's rose, g, found
Marijke Koopman, g
Memorial Day, g
MIP 0206, g, seedling
MJ 0107, g. seedling
Oklahoma, g
Paradise, g
Pinocchio, g
Pinocchio, p
Queen Elizabeth, g
Quietness, g
Reine des Violettes, g
Rose de Rescht, g
Ruffled Cloud, g
Rural Rhythm, g
Sedona, g
Sisters at Heart, g
Snow Ruby, g
Softee, g
Son of a Peach, g, seedling
Summer Fashion, g
Sunny Delight, g
Trump Card, p
Vavoom, g
Verdun , g
Voluptuous!, g
Wild Plum, g
Winter Sunset, g
X-Rated, p
Yantai, g
Zenaitta, g


Always a Lady, p
Archduke Charles, p
Baby Betsy McCall, p
Best Friends, g
Black Cherry, p
Buttercream, p
Caliente, p
Candy Land, g
Chelsea Brittlyn, p
Cherish, g
Cinderella, p
Constellation, p
Crimson Bouquet, p
Dee-Lish/Line Renaud, p
Double Delight, g
Double Take, p
Duchesse de Brabant, p
Fire 'n' Ice, p
First and Formost, p
Focal Point, p
Folklore, p
Fortune Cookie, g
Frankly Scarlet, p
Garden Party, p
Heather Sproul, p
Hondo, p
Intrigue, p
Iobelle, p
Irresistible, p
Jilly Jewel, p
Julie Link, p
Knockout, g
Little Sir Echo, p
Love Song, p
Madeliene, p
Magic Show, p
Memphis Blues, g
Millie Walters, p
Miss Flippins, p
Montana, g
Mrs. Robinson, g
Mutabilis, p
New Day, p
New Zealand, p
Patron, p
Peace, p
Pope John Paul II, p
Powerhouse, p
Rainbows End, p
Red Intuition, p
Renata, p
Robin Alonso, p
Show Stopper, p
Stars n Stripes, p
Strawberry Romance, p
Tattooed Lady, p
Teddy Bear, p
Tuscan Sun, g
Unconditional Love, p
Veteran's Honor, p
Violet Mist, p
Whirl Away, p
Winsome, p

I also lost 46 out of 53 seedling from previous years.

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