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Your favorite roses & make roses more winter-hardy

10 years ago

I hope to see Ann's Mermaid rose, and Mas' photos taken with her new camera, and Seaweed's bouquets from Southern CA ... that's why I start this thread.

Also to post ways to improve roses' survival in cold zone. Last winter was brutal in my zone 5a, Chicagoland, with temp. dipped down to -30 below zero. My kid had many days off from school because of the extreme cold. I don't know how many roses I lose, until mid-June ... it takes that long for roots to generate new cane.

Some public Knock-out roses died this winter. Below are pictures taken in my garden, May 20, to document factors that contribute to roses' hardiness in cold zone. Wise Portia was a tiny sprout in mid-June years ago .. I almost killed it with my grapefruit experiment in Feb. But as an Austin rose, Wise Portia is vigorous this winter:

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