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Roses That Don't Shrink in the Heat

If any of you are as tired of teensy-weensy roses in the summer as I am, I thought you might like some information about some roses that have remained relatively true to size, at least for me.

Mme. Cornelissen

Bishop's Castle

Glamis Castle

Sister Elizabeth

Souvenir d'un Ami

SdlM and SdlM Rouge

Cottage Rose

Le Vesuve

Clair Matin

Westside Road Cream Tea

Yves Piaget

Here are some of my shrinkers:

Julio Iglesias (who stayed normal in size last summer and is ridiculously tiny now)

Mme. Charles (tiny and mildewed like crazy on top of it)

Classic Woman (another mildew queen)

Wild Blue Yonder (flowers still look pretty, though)

Celine Forestier (medium in size)

Reve d'Or (also medium)

Wife of Bath

I'd love it if some of you could add to this list and perhaps indicate whether you live in a humid or dry area. Mine of course is hot and dry. It might well determine which roses I, and perhaps you, would choose in the future without that expensive trial and error method.


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