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Finding a Replacement Riding Mower Engine

11 years ago

I have owned my Murray riding mower for 16 years. The original engine manufactured by Tecumseh recently seized up. The mower itself is in great working condition and would like to keep it. Tecumseh no longer manufactures small engines. Via internet searches, I have contacted several small engine distributors. I have provided them with the crankshaft dimensions, but all have discouraged me from making a purchase because of sketchy information about the engine mounting bolt pattern. I have a line drawing for my engine with most of the critical dimensions. Finding the line drawings for possible replacement engines seems to be far more difficult. I even called several lawn mower repair shops in my area and all said they could or would not help me.

I am looking to replace a Tecumseh 8hp vertical shaft engine p/n TVM195-150263D. Can anyone out there help me!!

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