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toro riding lawn mower - 8+32/belt replacement and upkeep!

16 years ago


Hi Folks!

I purchased a used Toro riding lawnmower last summer. It is label 8-32. This is a 8hp with 32" cutting deck. It has worked well with the Briggs engine; burns a little oil but okay for me. I cut 5 lawns for my neighbors and my own with it. All of us are handicap people and that is why I do it for them. Anyways, it is starting to squeek badly and not cutting; in fact it stalls out. I need to replace the belt to the cutting deck, drain and replace the oil, etc. I need to know the best way to do this. I am somewhat mechanical but I don't see how one can pick this thing up to work on it and the belt is under the deck of course while the cutting blade is under it which needs sharpening or replacement. I think I could deal with this issue if I could figure out what needs to be done and suggestions on how. Hope you can help me. I have lots of time but little money being on SSI so your help would be appreciated. The lawnmower is an older model but seems to be in fairly good shape. Is there a how to manual available? Thanks to all for allowing me to post! I'm new to this site and was looking for helpful advise when I hit on it. I've read many of the messages on lawn machines and have found it both interesting and knowledgeable. Regards... RCS14420

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