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Replacing May Night Salvia w/Hidcote lavender

12 years ago


I posted this on the butterfly forum, but thought this might be the better spot for it.

I am thinking about replacing the 3 May Night salvias in my butterfly garden with Hidcote lavender. I love the blooms on May Night, but it flops all over the place after it rains. I have already cut it back to the new foliage and waited patiently for it to come back and bloom(which it always does quite nicely)only to have another good rain and now it is a mess again. These plants are at the front of my garden next to Zagreb Coreopsis with White Swan coneflower behind them. I want something that will look great and hold it's own, and of course attract butterflies :) I do not like to use plant supports. I should say that this spot is in full sun from about 11:00 to sunset. I am hoping someone will have experience with Hidcote lavender or can recommend another plant to put in this spot.



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