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I'm so sad! Can I save it???

15 years ago

Lovely kids! You tell them a million times a day to stay out of the flower beds... Why is it that when you tell them not to do something, they seem to do it more???

I don't have much money to spend on my gardening hobby, which is why I always get my roses from bigbox stores. They're the only ones I can afford. It should also be mentioned that I've never spent money on anything BUT roses. The idea of getting a nice rose from a catalogue or even a nursery has always been a dream of mine. Something I'll do when I don't have so many mouths to feed lol.

So a friend of mine decided to surprise me this year for Mother's Day (I'm in complete self-pity mode at the moment, sorry!), and sent me a gift certificate for Heirloom Roses. Being completely and totally over the moon, I happy danced for 6 hours straight and you couldn't wipe that grin off of my face for a full week. Not even the spagetti found inside the sofa or the wet clothes in the hamper that stank up the bathroom could bring down my spirits!

I poured over the catalogue every minute I could spare for a week, and finally chose what would be my prize rose. Abbaye de Cluny, in honor of my brandnew daughter. All of my roses are selected in honor of one of my kids, lol. Love the irony!

After waiting 3 weeks, I got the email confirmation, and checked the tracking number 6 times a day. The excitement was overwhelming! And when it arrived 4 days ago, I lovingly and carefully undid the packaging. I read the instructions thoroughly and follwed every letter to the T. I was a little surprised at the size of it, but the insert assured me that with in the first growing season, it'll be as big as all the others. I will baby it, I thought. I will pamper it and spoil it and love it more than all the rest!

I suppose it was my mistake to put it right next to the door. Last night I went out to talk to it (yes, I realize I'm a little insane about it), and saw that the larger of it's two delicate little canes was snapped off and trodden into the ground. I haven't pitched a fit like that since I was a hormonal teenager! One of my kids apparently ran through the flower beds and stepped on the poor little guy!

There is still one cane that didn't get trampled, but it's the smaller of the two. In an act that can only be considered grief, I took the snapped off cane and planted it beside the broken little bush. I know it won't take root or anything, but I can't bring myself to throw it into the compost heap.

Will my little bush survive??? Is there anything I can do at this point to help it along? Sorry for being so mellowdramatic, I'm in mourning! *sniff*

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