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Volunteer tomatoes (I think) everywhere

15 years ago

Wow, all of a sudden I've got what has to be volunteer tomatoes all over my garden. It's a puzzle I'm trying to figure out.

I know the first thought would be all my compost, and I do have some volunteer pumpkins coming up because I added a lot of pumpkins to my pile last fall, but I sure don't remember adding any tomatoes. And when I use tomatoes, I use all but the stem thing. Even if I'd tossed in an odd rotten tomato, I can't imagine this many tomatoes. They're EVERYWHERE.

And they're all in pairs, side by side. It's like twins all over the garden.

Any ideas where these might have come from? It's almost freaky. I guess the thing to do is keep pulling them up as weeds and recycling back into my pile.

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