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Knockout, Flower Carpet, or Easy Elegance?

16 years ago

I'm going to be doing some landscaping soon & would like to add a few roses. A lot of people in my neighborhood have the Knockout roses. They look very healthy & have a lot of blooms. I know most of these people aren't gardeners, so the Knockouts must do pretty well with minimum care.

I'm trying to decide between Knockout, Flower Carpet & Easy Elegance. I'm having a hard time finding the Flower Carpet, but the others look to be fairly accessible.

The Knockout I see most often here is the red, but it seems to lean toward pink. I'm looking for a true red rose. Also, I'd like yellow & find that Knockouts don't come in yellow. I recently discovered the Easy Elegance but don't really know anything about them. I understand from research I've done that the Knockouts bloom longer than the Flower Carpet. I would really like to have the extended blooming time.

Can someone please help me decide between these varieties? My dad was a huge rose grower (hybrid teas), so I know quite a bit about care. However, I have a very demanding job & would like roses that are pretty carefree. I love gardening but don't have the time to spend tending really high-maintenance plants. I garden in Zone 8 near the NC coast, so we have very hot, humid summers.

If there are any other varieties of easy-care roses that I should consider, please make a suggestion. Thanks.

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