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What happenig to my Crape Myrtles?!

12 years ago

I live in magnolia Texas and we moved into a home with tons of (i dont even know i that's the correct spelling?)crape myrtles. None of them have ever been cut back and are very large. Last year this tree,



Had a section that had died, we removed the section and i assume killed it? As you can see it does have new growth. Should we remove it and transplant one of the million other trees I have to take its place? Or just chop it and let it start again?

Another tree about 30 feet away is doing the same thing,

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what should I do with the dead limbs? None have budded out yet. What might be causing this? Any suggestions..,I don't know much about crape myrtles. I assume the trees are around 14 years old. How long do they live?

Any advice would be great!

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