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Help - what am I doing wrong to Louis Phillipe

15 years ago

Hi everyone. After killing off several hybrid teas, I decided to try old garden roses. A little over two years ago, my husband bought old blush, martha gonzolas (sp), old gay hill, and louis phillipe from I believe Antique rose emporium. All are still hanging in there. By far, the standout it old blush. Nothing seems to bother it, and it's always in bloom, with healthy folliage and new growth. Louis Phillipe is another story. I was told this rose did really well in Florida and I LOVE it's blooms. I love the pretty romantic red flowers, but it is still a very small plant - that looks drawfed next to old blush. Most descriptions I've read say it's an easy rose and quick grower. I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong. I take reasonably good care of it - same as old blush. Also, my birthday is coming up. I am wanting more OGRs - and I want some that perform like my old blush. Any suggestions? I was looking at Mrs. BR Cant or Mons Tiller - my main criteria is something that will be a pretty plant and repeat bloomer. I really want something that grows like old blush and I love the flowers on LP, but it's just not growing well. I wonder if I just got a bum plant or I am doing something it doesn't like. I took photos but can not figure out how to post them. Thanks very much.

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