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Planting row of crape (crepe) myrtle trees?

17 years ago

I have a difficult site on a busy street, sloping down toward my house, powerlines above... Because of the slope, I'd like to push back the existing juniper just far enough from the sidewalk to plant a row of lavender craper myrtle trees to add privacy and panache. I understand these are a good "street tree" staying below powerlines and not causing sidewalk damage, but I'm wondering:

How close I can get away with planting them to the sidewalk?

And how far apart I should plant the trees?

I think I'd like to prune them as single trunks and maybe train them to have the canopies run into each other--any advice?

There is only one crape myrtle I know of in my neighborhood and it seems to do well here. I'm in zone 8, with Bay Area coastal fog in July. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!

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