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Sources for some rare maples and others?

16 years ago

Hey guys, it's that time of year where I try to round out the spring order with some unusual goodies and post a message asking where I can find some. This year its mostly maples, and after consulting the usual sources (i.e. forestfarm) I'm looking for the following:

Acer nipponicum

A. pilosum var. stenolobum

A. cissifolium

A. caesium

A. schniederanum

A. wuyuanense

A. forrestii and subspecies

A. aidzuense

[Insert any other rare/unusual/unheard of maple here, I know I'm forgetting some!]

Cladrastis platycarpa

Tapiscia sinensis

Planera aquatica

Juglans cathayensis

Cudrania tricuspidata

Macludrania hybrida

Sinowilsonia henryi

Dipentodon sinicum

Celtis jessoensis

Neviusia cliftonii

Mespilus canescens

Anybody with any information on where I can find these, I would be much appreciative. Thanks!

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