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newbie with questions about fall color and hips

14 years ago

I've gardened for awhile, but I've only had roses for the last 3 years, most of which I inherited with the house. I seem to have learned to take care of the HTs pretty well, which I love. I have a Bourbon (Louise Odier) - and I'm trying to wait patiently for it to get established. I also have some (mostly) unidentified shrub roses. They're pretty, but I guess I get more excited about the larger flowers on the HTs.

But wait!! Hold the phone!!!! I find on cruising the forums that there are roses that also have fall foliage color! And hips that are bright red instead of just sort of there (like on my Bonica). So conceivably, I could have low maintenance rose bushes that bloom all summer (or one big ginormous flush in the spring) plus have fall color and decorative hips in the winter? Yes?

Only trouble is, I'm not that familiar with the different rose types, and I'm sure some varieties of the different species have better color/hips than others, etc. I've read some recommendations on here about roses for fall color, but don't know what would do well here. So given my area (hot, humid summers, etc.) - what would you recommend? I don't want anything too huge - 4-5 feet would probably be as big as I'd want for the space I'm looking to fill out right now.

Please speak slowly and explain terms! (I've just gotten the distinction between HT and floribunda straight...I think). Thanks!!

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